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      I loves to sing a song to de ladies!Chuck up your hands, Johnson, and get down! he said, curtly. Come down now, like a good boy, and dont alarm the passengers.

      Varleys revolverand not only Varleyscovered him. He drew back slightly.

      Nothing, said Varley, languidly. I want eighteen pence to pay a man whos hard up.Trafford saw them to their carriage, and then returned to the ball-room; but he could not have got near Esmeralda again if he had desired to do so, for when she was not dancing she was surrounded by men who were more eager to pay their court to her than the Marquis of Trafford was. She saw him from a distance before he left, and wondered whether he would come to her again, and she was conscious of a slight feeling of disappointment that he did not do so. He was the handsomestthe most distinguished man in the room, in a way. And Esmeralda wasjust a girl.

      He gasped, and held the lamp higher.

      When Sylvia sighsI wonder whether shed be angry if I gave her some money? Perhaps shes got some children at home as hungry as she is!

      Such happenings, of course; but nothing that ever brought those things for which one, wakening in the night, lay and prayed while forced by the songster's rapture to "listen to the mocking-bird."


      "Listen," she said.



      That there is not a girl in this room who would not be half mad with delight if Lord Trafford were to ask her to be his wife.